I am Charlie Veitch

Mathematical sentience complex trapped in over-clocked ape graphics card brain.

Charlie Veitch

About Me

Charlie Veitch is a 40-year-old father of 3 who always wanted to make films but was never given the chance. With the advent of free video hosting sites, he developed his own unique style of "sticking to the man" which took place amidst the terror paranoia backdrop of London in 2009.

No longer a spring chicken, and with a  receding hairline, he discovered that the real revolution is internal, against your own demons of nihilism and shame.

His work comes in 3 phases - all publicly available on the internet in over 1,000 videos and films. 

The early years, the Manchester middle years, and the current zeitgeist of being rather than doing. 

Permeating all his work, is a sentimental honesty at the human condition, knowing nothing but striving for everything.

Let’s work together & build something awesome.